December 22, 2017

Why change?

Well… I randomly read something online one day that stuck with me for weeks. The key sentence read something like ‘You could be the best ice hockey player but how would you know if you never tried playing” How true is that?? I had never tried to play ice hockey… In fact there were so many things I hadn’t tried…

At that point I had spent 10 years in an industry I was never really sure I wanted to be in! In the early years I thought it was the company, so I changed companies, then another.… I even spent a few years completing industry qualifications… even got promoted a few times… but still… I just couldn’t shake off the feeling of not belonging and the unmistakable feeling of dissatisfaction.
I guess I had never really known what I wanted to do … or who I wanted to be! Consequently I had ended up settling without ever really trying to figure out who I was designed to be. In truth I was unhappy and it had reached the point where this unhappiness was seeping into the rest of my life. I had become resentful and I hated it! IT WAS SUCKING THE LIFE OUT OF ME. sigh

Back then I guess that was my truth!

But with hindsight the real truth actually wasn’t at all negative. Even though 10 YEARS is a hell of a long time to spend in an industry you’re not quite sure about, I have to say I got a lot of positive things from the experience. I met and got to work with some really great people and it definitely helped shape me as an individual – It set me on a path of personal development and ultimately helped me grow up!

So please do not misunderstand me…. I am not complaining at all!! I was grateful to have a job and career. And that thought alone kept me returning to the industry! I guess what I’m trying say is this… I had a very very strong sense of being ‘out of place’ and I remember constantly thinking there had to be more to life. In any case, it got to a point where I could no longer ignore the feeling …

So I had to make a change and try something new!

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Introducing Female Tiler

So why tiling?? To be honest… I kind of fell into it really. I began trying new things and found myself enjoying the renovation projects I was involved in. I had already completed a basic tiling course and bought basic tiling tools so I thought I might as well try my luck and see if there were any small tiling jobs about… perhaps I could at least re-coup the money I had spent.

I was really surprised at the response I received and wondered if there could be a place in the market for a female tiler after all?!

Fast forward a few years later, with a Tiling NVQ level 2 qualification, a van and a website under my belt I’m finally feeling a sense of satisfaction! And aside from making an income, there’s a side to it that I appreciate even more…

Nowadays tiling can be found pretty much anywhere and is no longer limited to the bathroom or kitchen, wall or floor. I particularly love domestic projects because every client has their own vision of the end result and I see it as my job to work alongside them in order to make their design ideas a reality. I find very rewarding!

Like anybody else I have my good days and my bad days… but overall I’m enjoying the journey!

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If you are thinking about changing your career you can read my upcoming 5 Essential Tips. You will also be able to join me on my journey in ‘Diary of a Female Tiler: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly’ coming soon.



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